Transitioning Your Child from Early Intervention Services

The Early Intervention Program of Outagamie and Winnebago Counties (Birth to 3), as part of its early intervention services to your family, will be assisting you with transitioning out of the program. For some families, they leave the Birth to 3 Program due to moving; for others it is because of the progress their child has made in their development. For most families, it is because their child is close to turning three and, in Wisconsin, the Birth to 3 Program's services end at the age of three. Transition in each of these cases is similar - the Birth to 3 Program will help you plan for the transition which includes discussing your needs, connecting you with resources and helping you and your child prepare for the change.

Click below for resources to help you understand what will happen upon transition at age 3.

Families can also choose to opt-out of the transition to school process. Click below for more information regarding opting out.

School District & Transition Contacts in Outagamie County

  • Appleton Area School District: 920-832-6214
  • Clintonville Public Schools: 715-823-7215
  • Freedom Area School District: 920-788-7948
  • Head Start: 920-858-8449
  • Hortonville Area School District: 920-757-7165
  • Kaukauna Area School District: 920-766-6150
  • Kimberly Area School District: 920-730-0924
  • Little Chute Area School District: 920-788-7610
  • New London School District: 920-982-8540
  • Oneida Early Intervention: 920-490-3840
  • Pulaski School District: 920-822-6020
  • Seymour Community School District: 920-833-7380
  • Shicoton School District: 920-986-3351
  • West De Pere School District: 920-337-1087
  • Wrightstown Community School District: 920-532-4818