Birth to 3 Early Intervention Financial Resources

The Birth to 3 Program provides a free developmental evaluation by a licensed practitioner to ensure that your child is progressing and meeting his or her developmental milestones. If your child is found to need any early childhood services, a plan is developed with parents and the Early Intervention team to determine what assistance the child needs in the coming months until the age of three. After services have begun, a sliding scale fee determines the monthly cost of services (view cost share chart), but in many cases, there is no charge for services. This fee is only billed after services have started. By the age of 3, children will be referred to their public school for ongoing education if deemed necessary, or to other Outagamie or Winnebago County community programs that may be helpful.

Some families might be having financial difficulties and need resources for financial assistance. There are many programs in Northeast Wisconsin available to help. Some of the most commonly used resources are listed below.

Family Support
The Family Support Program of Wisconsin provides individual services and supports to families that include a child with a severe disability. Family Support coordinators and parents work together to develop an individualized service plan for each child. Home modification, transportation, specialized equipment, nursing care and respite are examples of items and services the Family Support Program can help the family purchase.

Katie Beckett
Children who present with a high level of nursing care, complex medical needs or difficult emotional problems may be eligible for Medical Assistance individually, even if the family has insurance. Applications are made to the local representative and a determination is made whether or not the child is eligible.

Agency provides supplemental nutritious food, diet and nutrition and breastfeeding information and referrals to other health and nutritional agencies. Anyone eligible for the Katie Beckett program is eligible for this program if they meet the program's age requirements.

Medical Assistance
This is a county program which provides varying types of help for families based on their individual family medical needs. Families in most cases must meet poverty guidelines to meet the program requirements, but there is also a high medical deductible plan and the Badger Care plus programs. You may apply online.

Supplemental Security Income
Your child may be eligible to receive this benefit if he/she meets the definition of disabled and your income is low. The child's condition must be expected to last at least 12 months. You can begin the application process online to find out if your child is eligible.