Additional Developmental Information:

Age 0 to 6 Months

Gross Motor Skills (view handouts)

  • will bear weight on legs
  • can roll over stomach to back and back to stomach
  • when pulled to sit, head is steady, does not fall back
  • when on stomach, pushes up on hands
  • when on stomach, can lift head and look about
  • sits with support

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Fine Motor Skills (view handouts)

  • will begin to reach for and grasp objects
  • engages hands in midline
  • clasps hands together often
  • follows objects with eyes left, right, up and down
  • begins purposeful, visually directed reaching
  • can transfer objects from one hand to the other
  • can pick up cube/medium sized object easily
  • can hold small objects in hand

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Cognitive Development (view handouts)

  • looks at objects in hand
  • looks after a toy which is dropped
  • uses a 2-hand approach to grasp toys
  • looks at objects as small as a raisin
  • turns head to voice, follows with eye

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Language Development (view handouts)

  • coos, gurgles, chuckles, squeals
  • laughs aloud
  • has expressive noises
  • reacts to loud sounds
  • turns head toward a sound source
  • watches your face when you speak
  • vocalizes pleasure and displeasure sounds (laughs, giggles, cries, or fusses)
  • makes noise when talked to

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Social Emotional Development (view handouts)

  • has a social smile
  • will pat a bottle with both hands
  • anticipates food on sight
  • is gazing at parents holding eye contact

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Self-Help (view handouts)

  • has a smooth suck and swallow
  • is not spitting up after or during most feedings
  • cries for tired, hunger, comfort etc. are distinguishable
  • child calms with parental assistance

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Sensory (view handouts)

  • awareness of people coming in and out of the room
  • enjoys look at and listening to a wide variety of toys
  • tolerates diaper and clothing changes
  • enjoys touching toys and blankets with various textures

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This developmental milestone check list is adapted from the U.S. Department of Health and a variety of developmental assessments. It is offered here only for educational purposes. If you suspect a child has a developmental delay or needs help to accomplish developmental milestones, we suggest a complete, multi-disciplinary evaluation by a trained team of licensed professionals. To make a referral to the Outagamie and Winnebago Counties' Birth to Three Program, visit this page. Early Intervention Services are federally mandated to be offered in every city, every county, every state and at military bases overseas. To find an Early Intervention Program in your area, check your local State website.