Are You the Parent of a Child Under 3?

About the Early Childhood Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program of Outagamie and Winnebago Counties is a program that provides services to children under the age of three who have developmental delays or diagnoses that can result in delays. The program provides free evaluations for children between birth to age three. If your child does qualify for the Birth to 3 Program, therapy services are provided in your child's natural environment: home, childcare, relatives' home, etc. Sometimes there is a cost for services that is based on your families' income.

Intervention focuses on finding the best opportunities for promoting your child's growth and development. These opportunities focus on your child's interest and your family's everyday activities. You know your child best so we will be working closely together to figure out what opportunities your child has to take part in your daily activities, what he or she likes to do, and what you and other members of your family are doing and can do to help him or her take part in these activities.

Referral to the Birth to 3 Program

Anyone can refer a child if they suspect that the child has a developmental delay. Please click on the "Make a Referral" button to get the process started. You can also navigate to the eligibility and developmental information pages to help you determine if a referral or evaluation is necessary.